And Just Like That

The leaves. They have, beneath their green exterior, begun the process of coloring. They know when to change. That is a wonder of a mystery to me. How do they know? Do they sense it? Feel it? Smell it in air? Does God whisper into their veins telling them, “It is time.” Or is it the tree that really knows? Does God vibrate His sounds into the roots of the great Maples and Oaks and say to them, “Show My children your colors.”? Or is it more like it was in the beginning when God said. “Let there be.”?

I have been ‘season thinking’ much this week. As I recognize August coming to a close, as I sense fall approaching in the air, I too feel the changes of a new season soon to come. And much like the coloring of leaves, God pigments our lives through all seasons, both the ones that never seem to end and the ones that end too quickly.

I look forward to the next season which begins in one short week, but I will truly miss the one I am in now. A gifted season I will a call it. A season of God saying, “Watch as I color your life.” That is the neatest thing. Another wonder of a mystery to me. Though God is a consistant God, He uses the colored changes of life to teach me of that consistancy. Though God is the same, His method of teaching me never is. Sometimes He whispers in my veins. Other times He vibrates His sounds into my heart, the roots of my body.

Creation knows when it is time for change. Whether by being set like clockwork or by being commmanded by the Word Breather Himself, somehow it knows. And we are part of that creation. We are to move in and out of seasons but sometimes, sometimes I think we are too reluctant to allow our whole beings to change color. Because we know when that happens, we might be asked to fall. And when we fall, we get stepped on. Jumped on. Stuffed in a bag. Sometimes burned.

But I never hear the leaves complain. They always do what they were created to do. God speaks, “Let there be.” And just like that the leaves change color. Then God tells them to fall and they do. But not before the pictures are taken. Not before their beauty is noticed. Appreciated. Admired. And then, the leaves are gathered for children to play in and October suddenly needs the fallen leaves for decoration. And just like that, change becomes a welcomed gift reminding us that season change isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, season change is another wonder of a mystery wrapped up by a God who delights in seeing His children…in rays of reds and yellows and oranges.

What would it look like if we committed to doing what we were created to do. How much more vibrant would our lives become if we spent less time being afraid to fall and more time trusting the Lord will use us even after we fall?

Hear Him as He whispers, “Allow Me to color your life so you can show My colors across the dirt of the earth. That is what you were created to do.”

And just like that, new seasons seem more exciting.

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