Father Knows Best

We decide what is good enough. That’s what the Lord taught me when I slowed the truck and pulled it to the side of the road. Three deer passed and I sat in the stillness watching them. But it wasn’t in the deer crossing that the Lord spoke. It was in the sunset. It’s colors reflected off the mirrors and I turned my attention from the pavement to the sky. The sunset was pretteir than any cup of coffee, and believe me, I think coffee to be beautiful.

I had traveled the same road only the day before but the sky seemed simple then. My soul didn’t seek to look up because the big gray expanse didn’t cover with burts of color.

“You decide what is good enough.” the Lord said.

I thought about His words. Tuesday. Wednesday. Today. And today, they make sense. His words were not a green light. They were a yellow and now have turned to red.

What makes myself constitute what is good enough and what isn’t?
Did God not make all of the sky? The skies of color and the skies of gray?

His words rain a troubling revelation. I often decide what is good enough according to my flesh, not according to the Father. And there is something wrong in how I live if that’s the way I view creation; if that’s the way I view life. Just because something doesn’t fancy to my liking, doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” [Genesis 1:31]

If we took a step back and really evaluted the world, good would be the last adjective we would use to describe it. And yet, somehow God still sees the good in it. Somehow He still sees the good in us. And if God can make something from dirt and still call it good, perhaps we should leave it up to Him to decide what is good enough and what isn’t?

As January begins to drift, so does a new season. As we move forward in each new season, may we seek to see the good by God’s standards, not our own. May we seek to take in, both the skies which reflect off from mirrors, and the skies which fog mirrors.

My flesh says run, but the Father says rest. Perhaps, Father knows best.

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