Night Of The Sky

Where has the time gone? Seven years ago today, I laid my head to rest on a bed that was not my own, owning only the clothes I wore that night. And that night we were shaken. Fear had covered my family as we processed what the word ‘fire’ would unfold throughout the following months. Thanksgiving was in a little over a week and Christmas would then soon be on its way. I was fifteen and my heart was caught up in the stars of the sky, “God, what good could ever come from this?” We cried ourselves to sleep that night. No words were spoken other than, “We all just need to get some rest.” But that night was restless.

This night though, this night is full of rest. “I will show what good is to come.” That is what God said and that is what God has done. Just as he points every star to its place, the Lord has pointed me to his goodness. To the richness of his promises. To the depth of his truth. And tonight, I am deeply covered by that.

Friends, whatever your word may be – that word which makes you fear its unfolding – know that God hears that word before it is ever spoken and he will bring light to that which is dark, much like stars in the night of the sky.


Still, we live in a dark world.

This weeks words have brought devastation to Lebanon, Paris and the Blackburn family. We know not the unfolding, but God does. And though we do not know that which is to come, we as his children, are to be light in the darkness of this world. So pray. Many are crying themselves to sleep tonight. Pray. Many have lost everything. Pray. Many are shaken. Pray. Many are losing themselves in the stars of the sky begging, “God, why?” So pray. Fear has no place in Jesus name.

Yes, today we question, “God, what good could ever come from this?” But if God is who he says he is, he will show himself to be both truth and light, even in the darkness.

“I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground.
These are the things I do, and I do not forsake them.” [Isaiah 42:16]

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