Trembling Phalanges

Perhaps we have it wrong. One shouldn’t fear the bleeding and bruised, one should fear the God who heals the bleeding and bruised. And the latter fear is not one of being afraid as is the first. Rather, it is a fear that wakes wonder. A reverence which reaches its ten trembling fingers to touch the sky. It is knees hitting the ground, it is bodies diving the depths, it is endurance when all surfaces crack and foundations cease to exist. It is knowing He is Abba. He is Father. He is Parent. And Parent holds the heart which bleeds. And friends, that is not something to be afraid of. That is not something to be ashamed of. That is grace. And grace, that is something to admire.

I do not understand the inconsistency’s of life, nor will I pretend I do, but I have known the consistency of God. Over and over He breathes bodies into awakening and I am one them. Fires and furry those matter, then again they do not. And yet without them, I know my body would be as dead bones. When people declare truths like this, as children of the King we should not be afraid to hear them. Truths like this should empower and encourage. You, walking the fire and furry, did you know there is grace for that?

Perhaps what is right, is knowing the levels of healing God graces across the universe of His children. Imagine how minds would change knowing how Parent has taken chaos and created cosmos. Knowing that Parent has taken orphan and orphan has become child. Knowing that Parent has taken strangers and strangers have become friends, not the other way around. We must not fear life and the losses of it. We must bend knees and raise hands and fear the Father who breathes life into those losses. We spend countless hours running away on our ten trembling toes afraid of a neighbor’s breath. But what would it look like if our ‘little piggies’ stopped worrying, and made their way home to Parent and to brother and to sister?

I do not know about you but I want my fingers to touch the sky. I want my toes to run home. I want faith fear, that should be the way of life, not the other way around. Perhaps we have it wrong. Perhaps we spend too much time running out and not enough time running in. We should not fear one another. Fear runs to fall and God created us to stand.

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