When God, “Has Not Been Found.”

“Count to three and come find me!” Even in the beginning children were tucking themselves behind objects hoping their spot would remain a secret. Take Adam and Eve for instance. They hid, and yet, they were found by the greatest Seeker of all. That’s what I love most about the game. The seeker. Because more often than not, it is in the seeking you discover how much the seeker wants to find and how much those hiding actually wish to be found. I mean, when you discover a child’s hiding place they usually giggle and then insist you be the next to hide in order that they may find you.

Hide and seek. Back and forth. Back and forth.

I live my relationship with the Lord much like a game of hide and seek. Not that God hides and hopes I do not find Him, but rather, He hopes I seek in order to find Him.

I recently had someone I’ve known since childhood say to me, “God has not been found.” When asked to explain they said, “There is no proof that He exists.” To which I can only reply, “There is no proof He doesn’t either.” In fact, I have found more proof for His existence, than I have been wavered to believe He isn’t real.

Each morning I wake, I find God. I find Him in breathing. In laughter. In leaves as they are moved by the wind. I find Him in living and grace and in goodness and yes, I even find Him in the things we wouldn’t name good. But I find Him because I choose to seek Him, and He finds me because He knows I must be found by Him. If I were not, I wouldn’t be found at all because being found by anything or anyone else but God, would mean I was lost.

He finds me. I find Him.
Back and forth. Back and forth.

One of my favorite things about photography is discovering details. The details often overlooked because we do not daily bend to peek inside a flower or into the bottom of a rotted out tree. I love that God uses those kinds of moments to show me there is so much more to life than what I can see and there is so much more to life then the things I cannot understand. You see, we cannot spend our lives trying to figure out the ‘whys.’ Instead, I think we ought to seek the ‘where’s.’ Where should I go to be found by God. Where may God be so I may find Him. And with that I have learned, when God hasn’t been found is usually when I haven’t been seeking.

But I know. Life can hurt. And those who are hurt often question, “How can God be good?” or “Real?” or even “Found?” To those seeking but say they cannot find, I say, look around you. Look and seek Him when you would normally hide. Seek Him in the commute to work as the sun rises and the air smells of new. Seek Him in the wind even when it messes with what had been, a great hair day. Seek Him in the sound of water as it fills your cup and in the laughter of children as they say, “Count to three and come find me!” Seek Him in the meals and in the evenings in which you get to rest. Those are moments created by the Seeker who formed you.

I was reminded again today of those moments as I circled around a pond and took photographs of a bird who wouldn’t sit still. And I laughed because I knew I looked foolish but delighted because I also knew I was finding God and He was finding me.

“Seek and you shall find.”
Back and forth. Back and forth.

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