When God Speaks

I hadn’t set an alarm because I had been up writing until 2 that morning. Writing about this God whose dwelling is holy. When I finally committed to rest, I rested well. And the next thing I remember was his voice. My eyes opened and God spoke. “You will be known in a different way.” His words were not of discipline, but of expectancy. And as I stirred to live the day, I found I was excited to live the day. It’s amazing how differently you walk when you walk in the word of a holy God.

“You will be known differently.” My soul knows why it needs these words and it is expectant for the unexpected season to come. But I’m not actually writing here to share about the needs of me, I’m writing to share what God did with those words in another soul.

A friend visited later that night and as we chatted about life I felt the urgency to share with her what God had shared with me earlier that morning. I told her he so clearly spoke, “You will be known in a different way.” and as soon as the word ‘different’ left my lips, she began to weep. She unfolded the journey she was currently walking and proclaimed that those words were truly from the Lord. And in her vulnerability, I could nothing but praise. For this God whose dwelling is holy, met us.

And when all was said and done, I was left to linger in his presence rejoicing. Rejoicing because, whether it is early in the morning or late at night, his words hold true in every child that he calls his.

Be encouraged as you embrace this evenings rest.
For he sees you, he hears you, and he knows where you are.
Seek him where he his, for he is where you are.

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