I’ll Keep This Short & Sweet

Simply put, people are messy. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t need grace. But we are and we do. Jesus knew that well. He knew it so well he walked mile upon mile to restore all the messy people. And to the messy people He brought hope like nothing they ever knew could exist. He brought healing and redemption. He told the broken they could be made whole and the sinners they could be loved. And this Jesus, the one called Savior, died that we might live. That we might go out and make disciples in his name. That we, a messy people,  could walk clean and pure and new.

So if that is the case, why do we so easily walk dirty and as if holy could never be who we are? Why do we live in disfunction and leave room for disunity? I don’t have the answer, but I speak against that in Jesus name, for He prayed we would be unified. That we would be one as he and the Spirit and the Father are one. He didn’t just pray for the sake of praying. He prayed because He believed we could be holy.

Jesus believed we could be a holy people because we can be a holy people and we are called to be a holy people.

But in order to be a holy people, we must live into who Jesus was

I’ve been reading Rooted, a book written by Banning Liebscher. It is both rich and challenging and full of truth. Liebscher wrote, “As in everything, it’s vital that we build our lives on the words and example of Jesus. He is the example we follow and the model upon which we base our lives.

Let us live like Jesus. And He didn’t live messy.

Philippians 3 is a good read for this. If you do not have a bible close by, click the following link https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Philippians+3&version=ESV

Live full. Love well. Laugh much.



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